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My name is José M. Izquierdo and I am an English to Spanish translator specialized in the translation and localization of computer software, medical devices, websites and marketing texts. Additionally, I am well-seasoned in information technologies, many other technical and general subjects.

After obtaining a degree in Translation at the University of Granada in 1986, I spent four years working in-house for two Madrid agencies; initially as a junior translator and later as a senior translator and project leader. Since 1991 I have worked as a freelancer, providing my services to translation companies and clients in other industries for their English to Spanish translation needs.

During this time I have completed thousands of translation assignments, both independently and teamed up with other colleagues or with my customers' translators, to the full satisfaction of my clients.

Teamed up with my colleague and friend Dulcinea Otero, I translated the book Economía: un primer curso inspirado en el mundo real (originally titled Economics) by Acemoglu, Laibson, and List (Antoni Bosch Editor, 2017, ISBN: 978-84-944880-3-0).


CV, references and translation samples available on request.



Founding member of    Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes




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