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English to Spanish translator
  •      University education

    • BA in Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada, 1986
    • "Specialist in Medical Translation" postgraduate degree, Universitat Jaume I in Castellón de la Plana, 2005
  •      Professional experience

    • 33-year experience: In-house translator from 1987 to 1991 for two Madrid translation agencies. Freelance since 1991
    • Professional, full-time translator since 1987 with a proven record of client satisfaction, timely delivery, high quality, top professionalism and consistent reliability
    • Detail-oriented
    • Aware of my clients' needs and observant of their instructions
    • Expertise in the translation, transcreation and localization of software, medical devices, marketing materials and information technologies
    • Experienced in many other technical areas, such as electrical engineering, electronics, automotive engineering, hydraulics, photography and automation
  •      In-depth knowledge of software and computer technology

    • Expert user of word processors and translation tools
    • Advanced knowledge of operating systems (DOS, Windows, Linux) and a wide range of programs
    • Knowledge of programming languages and HTML
  •      Fully equipped

    • Desktop and laptop PCs
    • Continuous Internet connection
    • Standard translation tools and terminology management software
    • Full array of dictionaries, grammar manuals, style guides, etc.
  •      Full availability

    • Able to form teams of translators upon request for high-volume or tight-deadline jobs
  •      Courses, conferences and other professional activities

  •      Client satisfaction (click for feedback)

    • "Not only is your material first rate, your feedback, input and technical skills are always very helpful and much appreciated"

      For translating and localizing the whole user interface, help system, manuals and marketing materials of 8 versions of a forms/invoices scanning/processing software
    • "We really appreciate your reflecting the same polish and sophistication as the original"

      For the translation of high-end appliance brochures for a US manufacturer
    • "Let me compliment your excellent thoroughness and professional approach to every task!"

      For translating EEG template instructions for a US manufacturer
    • "La traduction est d'excellente qualité"

      For the translation of a flashing system brochure and manual for a Belgian airfield lights manufacturer
    • "They really liked your translation"

      For translating 18-page employee magazines of a major steel company for a German agency
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