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  •      Software localization

    • 27-year experience in translating software applications and programming languages. Translations in this field include Harvard Graphics, CorelDRAW, WordPerfect, 3D Studio, dBASE IV, Macromedia Fireworks, AutoCAD, ReadSoft FORMS, MicroStation, Utilidades Norton, Majestic Chess
    • User interface, help system, user guides
    • Courses, sample files, programming guides, press releases, command references, tutorials
  •      App localization

    • Mobile apps, both Android and iOS
  •      Medical translation

    • "Specialization in Medical Translation" postgraduate course, Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, 2005
    • Ample experience in translating user instructions, catalogs, specifications sheets and brochures of medical devices, from ultrasound scanners or hearing aids to MRI systems or Holter recorders
    • Protocols and informed consent forms for drug clinical assays, as well as drug brochures
    • Medical and related technologies, such as test kits, cultures, food colors.
    • Instructions for use of surgical devices, protocols and informed consent forms for drug clinical assays, as well as drug brochures
  •      Technical translation

    • User manuals, service manuals, brochures and specifications sheets for a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices such as alarms, automation systems, marine fenders, cameras and photography accessories, forks, CCTV, drivers, pumps, home appliances, control equipment, copiers, airfield lights, printers, computers, solar panels, milking parlors, sensors, cell phones, TV sets
    • Full range of information technologies
    • Also automotive, excavators, engine lubricants, machining tools, and other mechanical areas
    • Readiness to learn and gain knowledge in new fields of specialization
  •      Website localization

    • Your website in Spanish, fit for your Spanish-speaking users or clients
  •      Transcreation, marketing and general translation

    • Careful translation of every text, with the target reader in mind
  •      Editing and proof-reading

    • English to Spanish translations
    • Revision of the 2nd edition of Fernando A. Navarro's Diccionario crítico de dudas inglés-español de medicina, ISBN 84-481-9808-5
  •      Project leadership and management

    • Ample experience in managing and coordinating numerous translation projects and teams of translators
  •      Glossary making

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